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Vietnam War Bases/Camps/Sites in Thailand

Hill 272 1967-68, A Story by Bill Ostrom

Bang Pla/PingReceiver Sites 1965-70
Bang Pla/Ping Receiver Sites 1968-70
Bang Pla/Ping Receiver Sites 1968-69 (1)
Bang Pla/Ping Receiver Sites 1968-69 (2)
Bangkok 1967-69 (1)
Bangkok 1967-69 (2)
Bangkok Asoke Building-Windsor Hotel-Pattaya Beach 1968-70
Don Muang 1965-66
Don Muang 1969-70
Hill 50x Sattahip 1967-68
Hill 272 1967-68, A Story by Bill Ostrom
Hill 272 Sattahip 1967-68/1971-72
Leong Nok Tha/Phu Mu 1969-71
Mukdahan 1972-73 Under Construction
Phu Khieo 1974-75 Under Construction
Phu Mu 1972-73 Under Construction
Phu Mu 1974-75
Vance E. Need, Ubon 1965
Hank Howard, Ubon RTAFB 1965
Michael Bennett, Ubon 1968-69
Vernon Icke-Dennis Burkhalter, Ubon 1969-70
Rocco Morgan, Ubon 1971-72
William R. Kemp, Ubon 1973-74
Warin Radio Station 1972-73
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Story by Bill Ostrom

Hill 272 was a microwave communications site during the Vietnam War relaying info North to Si Racha.  

   1967-  Approximately 12 G.I's from USASTRATCOM LL Bn. Construction Engineers Camp Friendship, Korat went to Hill 272 Sattahip and began construction on the main barracks. We lived in two large tents with a third tent as a group area. These arrangements were for the better part of a year. We lived on the economy eating most meals down the hill at a local restaurant. Bathing facilities where open air on the side of the hill overlooking the valley toward Sattahip. The latrine was a 2 seater for friendship and convenience. Water for showers was extracted from a klong down the hill and transported to a tank above the living area. The majority of building materials were brought down from Bangkok on the backs of the Hill's two deuce & 1/2's. It made for a nice trip pushing a large deuce along that two lane highway to Bangkok with the one lane bridges. Upon return with a load and because of the grade we had to back up the hill to maintain steering ability.  One thing nice about Hill 272 in 1967 was when we went shopping at Utapao Air Base we didn't need ration cards. We just purchased as much as we wanted and could afford. 

    While still working on the barracks we built a mess hall and for a short period of time we had a cook.  This didn't last long because of our small numbers it wasn't cost effective so we returned to the economy. The mess hall became our open club. Sometime after December 1967 this building was enlarged and turned into a full fledged club with movies etc.

     Getting back to the main barracks, we mixed and poured over 100 cubic yds of cement using a 1/4 yd mixer. Talk about a lot of work.  Again after 1967 the Hill grew in personnel and buildings. I was gone but someone built another mess hall, Thai barracks, Thai mess hall and other assorted outbuildings.

      Somewhere along the way command changed our unit to 1st Signal Brigade 442.  I left the hill in Nov 1967 and never slept in the barracks as I was transferred to Camp Vayama.

     Hill 272 was turned over to the Thai's in 1972 and sometime after that it was completely dismantled and returned to its natural condition except for 2 empty towers.

442nd Signal Company, 207th Signal Company Detachment F "F" Troop
*The 207th was a detachment from the 442nd Signal Company. About 45 personnel manned the facility, 25 of those were Thai guards. It consisited of Microwave and Tropo sites and a generator. One person from a Tactical Communications Company also worked there. He had his equipment tucked away in the corner of the TWCS building and his own generator for remote starts. This information was submitted by William H. Dawson 1968-69.

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