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Vietnam War Bases/Camps/Sites in Thailand

Hank Howard, Ubon RTAFB 1965
Bang Pla/PingReceiver Sites 1965-70
Bang Pla/Ping Receiver Sites 1968-70
Bang Pla/Ping Receiver Sites 1968-69 (1)
Bang Pla/Ping Receiver Sites 1968-69 (2)
Bangkok 1967-69 (1)
Bangkok 1967-69 (2)
Bangkok Asoke Building-Windsor Hotel-Pattaya Beach 1968-70
Don Muang 1965-66
Don Muang 1969-70
Hill 50x Sattahip 1967-68
Hill 272 1967-68, A Story by Bill Ostrom
Hill 272 Sattahip 1967-68/1971-72
Leong Nok Tha/Phu Mu 1969-71
Mukdahan 1972-73 Under Construction
Phu Khieo 1974-75 Under Construction
Phu Mu 1972-73 Under Construction
Phu Mu 1974-75
Vance E. Need, Ubon 1965
Hank Howard, Ubon RTAFB 1965
Michael Bennett, Ubon 1968-69
Vernon Icke-Dennis Burkhalter, Ubon 1969-70
Rocco Morgan, Ubon 1971-72
William R. Kemp, Ubon 1973-74
Warin Radio Station 1972-73
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I was assigned to the 3rd CACR Air Rescue and we were the first unit to land on Ubon (April 9, 1965) with two C-124's from 45th TAC Grand Forks. We actually opened Ubon on April 9, 1965.
I retired as a MSGT in 1978. This story was very tragic and scared me for all my 71 year life, I spent 54 months in SEA, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia We actually opened Ubon on April 9, 1965

These stories are the property of Hank Howard. If you have any questions concerning this story or any of his excellent Ubon Photo Collection, please contact him at by clicking on his name. Thank you Hank for the photos & story contributions.

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